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By: svgmegapack | September 22, 2019

VidScribe Review - Why Is Language Search Your Secret Lethal Weapon That You Need Right Now? You could bang your head against the same ranking strategies like everyone, or slip-in from the backdoor. One step and you get access to 20% extra local visitors + 100% fresh global audience. A huge percentage of the country’s population can speak another language. They don’t only know it, they speak it, read it, write it, watch videos in it and search in it. In the US alone it’s a cool 65 million people who use a second language every day. That’s equal to the population of the United Kingdom!

Vidscribe review  

Imagine Having EXCLUSIVE Access To A Market The Size Of UK That Nobody Else Is Targeting. Rank For Video search in other languages,  Rank For Google search in other languages

Go to #1 on both for BUYER keywords, you’ve been told that paid search is the only way, haven’t you? That’s a loser statement. That’s what anyone who has tried and failed will tell you. They’ve tried ranking for buyer keywords and failed, and failed so miserably that they have given up and are content with throwing thousands of dollars to make a 5-10% RoI (Return on Investment). 

Truth : Paid Traffic Is Just As Competitive As Organic & 8x More Expensive. Let me drop another truth bomb for you here. Getting RoI from paid traffic is growing tougher every day because more businesses are targeting those scarce ad inventories. Every single business you know wants to drive sales from the Internet. It’s the in thing to do. They don’t know any better and paid traffic seems like the most convenient option, so they throw money at it.

PPC Bitter Pills

  • You are bidding for the inventory that about 100s of other businesses are targeting.
  • You are watching your ads day-night and going crazy adjusting things to lower costs.
  • The day you stop throwing money at this, your income dies.

You Want To Grow? Make Search Your Slave!

It’s not even a decision! Even without the amazing traffic backdoor that VidScribe AI opens up, search was still the better option.